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Virtual Notary Public Services

MER Notary Services provides a fast and easy solution through our virtual notary services. We cater to individuals who have busy schedules and limited access to traditional notary public services. The virtual notary public process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. I will connect with you online to oversee the notarization of your crucial documents. 

Virtual notarization, also known as remote online notarization**,  is the completion of notarial acts using audio-visual technology when the signer and notary public are not in the same physical location. Depending on the size of your document, your notarization could be completed in about 15 minutes.

**Before seeking virtual notary public services, it is best practice to confirm with the intended recipient of the document whether they accept electronically signed and notarized documents. Although virtual notarization is legally permissible, certain organizations may have policies against accepting documents notarized remotely. It is recommended to verify this information beforehand to avoid any potential issues.

Virtual Notary Public FAQs

How do I get my documents notarized online? 1. Schedule your appointment for the date and time you will be available. 2. Upload your complete, unsigned or dated documents for notary review. 3. Successfully complete the Knowledge Based Authentication and Credential Analysis process. 4. Meet with your notary online using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

What do I need to get my document notarized online? 1. Desktop/laptop with working microphone and camera, iOS and Android smart devices or tablets. 2. Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. 3. Current valid identification. 4. If multiple signers, each signer must have their own device and email. 5. High speed internet.

What documents cannot be notarized online? * Documents being used outside of the United States * Certified true copies of birth, marriage, death certificates, court issued documents * Any document notarized previously by another online notary

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